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We believe green clothes can change lives and we work hard to deliver just that , but only TOGETHER we can make the difference

We use only organic cotton certified with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which is grown and harvested in certified cotton farm
All products are certified in accordance with Organic Contect Standard (OCS100) allowing transparent and traceable verification of organic cotton claims
Each time you purchase a product with Cotton Leaf, 1% of that sale goes to a global network of nonprofit organizations dedicated to protecting the environment

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What is Organic Cotton?

Organic cotton cultivation adopts an ecosystem approach which replaces chemical input with careful soil and water management, crop rotation, a healthy balance of pests-predators, and an integrated planning of greater farming environment.

In this way, growing cotton organically prevents water and air pollution, improves soil quality, conserves biodiversity, and enhances ecosystem integrity. The prohibition of harmful chemicals and GMOs mean the cotton is greener and safer for consumers and the environment.

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Premium Quality | Natural Comfort

We do not only sell clothes, but also make it from scratch. From design to manufacturing, we takes matters into our own hands to ensure only the best is delivered. Materials are carefully selected and specially developed; every piece of garment is precisely cut and carefully sewn together to provide the perfect balance of functionality and natural comfort.